So after a manic month, and a lot of stressing - we were off to Somerford Park for both mine and Wizz's first CIC** - scary times, his dressage really isn't up to scratch as we have had such a stop start season, but we needed to do it in order to qualify for the 7yo CCI** at the end of September at Osberton! (No pressure!!)

Friday came and a lot of stressing and serious butterflys later we had done our test - all movements performed - although some more willingly than others, he kept a lid on things and we survived without looking like total amateurs in an experienced field to score 51.2 - mid range and not a disgrace by any means! 

Onto walking the course - all looked good until a combination near the end - a double of corners on a 6/7 stride curving line which a lot of riders were concerned about.. the rest was a decent test with questions evenly spread.. i was very much looking forward to riding it - but not having 36 hours to dwell on it waiting until Sunday morning to ride! And so following the trot up off we went back to the yard - much to Wizz's confusion as we definitely hadn't done the fun bit yet!!


So following a day worrying and also getting more and more excited, the alarm was set for Sunday morning 5am...
Luckily we got to Somerford in plenty of time and so I had chance to run over and walk the couple of xc fences i hadn't been able to walk proplerly on friday just to double check distances and lines. 
All too soon it was time for my SJ.. to cut a long story short wizz has been really unlucky rolling 1 pole in each of the 3 Intermediate runs he has done - but in our case it was 4th time lucky! He pulled out all the stops to jump one of few clears around the beefy and twisty track..thrilled doesn't cover it!

Finally the really fun bit!! We headed down to the xc warm up only to discover we had a long wait due to a number of falls and holds (which did nothing for my nerves) At least this gave me time to discuss the course with other riders and after hearing the influence the corners was having I decided to take the long route at them and put my foot down in between fences a little more to make up time. I needn't of worried though, eventually it was our time and Wizz set off like a demon - he is such a machine and ate up the entire course - even going the long route at the corners we only had 8.4 time penatlies. I loved every minute of it and I think he did too!

We finished the day on 59.6 and in the top 25% of the 102 that started - many of them experienced 3/4* horses and very experienced jockeys! I'm so so thrilled and proud of my boy - he really is a star in the making and I'm now really excited to see how the 7yo championships goes - at least we have a month to work on our travers and shoulder in!!